Asthma and Allergy Education

Environmental Control Measures

Environmental Control Measures for Allergies


    • Avoid the outdoors on high pollen count days
    • High levels of pollen occur late evening and early morning
    • keep house/car windows closed
    • Use HEPA filters for air filters and vacuums
    • Change clothes and take a shower after being outdoors
    • Dust with a damp cloth and vacuum weekly
    • Do not hang laundry outdoors to dry
    • Wear a mask and safety glasses while doing yard work
    • Take medications (such as antihistamines) before going outdoors especially with high pollen counts and extended exposure time


Dust Mite

    • Keep bedrooms as clean as possible
    • All bedding should be washable and washed weekly in 130 degree or above water
    • Use Dacron or foam pillows instead of feather
    • Enclose pillows and mattresses in protective dust mite covers
    • Wear a mask while cleaning
    • Dust with a damp cloth twice weekly
    • Remove carpet and replace with wooden or Linoleum flooring
    • Vacuum and wet mop all hard surface floors twice weekly including under bed
    • Eliminate “dust collectors” such as books, stuffed animals, throw pillows, etc.
    • Keep relative humidity levels in the house below 50%
    • Use air purifiers especially in bedrooms



    • Keep pets out of bedrooms
    • Do not allow pets on furniture or use throw sheet that can be washed weekly
    • regularly groom pets by brushing daily to weekly and bathing weekly to monthly
    • Use air purifiers and change air filters for the furnace monthly
    • Wash hands after touching pet
    • Vacuum twice weekly, not only flooring, but furniture as well
    • Keep bed bedding as clean as possible



    • Keep household humidity less than 50%
    • Limit the number of indoor plats
    • Use an air purifier with a HEPA filter
    • Clean air vents for return air flow to heating and cooling unit
    • Avoid putting damp cloth and vacuum twice weekly
    • Use clean products that prevent mold growth especially in the bathroom and kitchen area
    • Use Exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to remove moisture from the air
    • Use a dehumidifier in damp areas of the house



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